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Our art courses provide students with the opportunity to discover and learn about many types of art. From architecture, painting, and sculpture to music, theater, and dance, students will be exposed to many examples of art, learning to define art and appreciate the details of art.

These courses make use of videos, text, activities, and quizzes to allow students to engage in many forms of instruction and develop the ability to both create and discuss different types of art.

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What is Art?

Art is the product of human imagination and skill. Art adds beauty to our lives, allows individuals to express their emotions in creative ways, and may even lead to social change. Examples of art include visual arts such as drawing, painting, and sculpture, as well as performing arts such as music, dance, and theater. Design, which helps create and decorate the items we use in our daily lives, and architecture, which envisions the buildings we live and work in, are also considered types of art. The study of art history allows individuals to learn about works of art from the past in order to both appreciate these creative efforts and use them as inspiration for additional creative works. The field of art is broad and encompasses many disciplines, but one joining factor is that creating and appreciating art enriches human life and culture.

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Students and prospective teachers interested in the arts can take advantage of's music test prep resources. High school students can prepare for the AP Music Theory exam. Future K-12 teachers can review important musical concepts and teaching methods to prepare for various teaching tests, including the FTCE Music exam and the Praxis Music test. After reviewing these materials, students will be better prepared for these important exams.

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