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The study of religion involves both comparative religious studies and the study of individual religions. has a college-level world religions course. Religious studies students also benefit from developing a broad understanding of the humanities. has online courses for both college and elementary students providing a comprehensive introduction to the humanities such as art, music, and architecture.

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What is Religious Studies?

The term ''religious studies'' refers to the academic study of religion. The field of religious studies includes both comparing different religions and completing in-depth studies of a specific religion. Important aspects of religion that are part of a religious studies course include the religion's authoritative narrative, doctrines, rituals, structures or institutions, experiential components, and ethical tenets. Because of the pervasive nature of religious influence, religious studies frequently cross over into the territory of other academic disciplines, from archaeology, anthropology, and sociology to history, art, music, and architecture. Religious and cultural studies are closely linked; however, religious studies refer to a focused analysis of religion. Religious studies highlight individual religions and make comparisons between different religious systems.

A historical approach to religion, like an anthropological approach, studies the religious beliefs and rituals of a people group and the effects of these beliefs on their actions and broader societal characteristics. This is distinctly different from a theological approach to religion. While religious studies programs focus on the effect of religion on people, the theological study of religion is defined as the study of a god or gods. The theological study of religion seeks to discern the character, nature, and requirements of the religion's god.

Religious studies include the study of lost religions or religions with no living followers, such as some ancient religions found in historical documents. Religious studies also encompass currently active world religions. Students of religious studies often pursue graduate-level degrees as well. Potential career paths include clergy, charity administration, teaching, sociology, and media, among other options.

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Students preparing to major in religious studies in college may choose to take examinations that provide them with course credit. The DSST Introduction to World Religions study guide provides an introduction to the study of religion and reviews key tenets of the world's major religions. Prospective teachers can also use's guides to prepare for important licensure exams such as the the MEGA Social Science tests. Test-takers will be well-prepared for these important tests after taking advantage of's preparation materials.

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