Courses and Lessons for U.S. History

There are many U.S. History topics available in the courses listed. The courses available cover content such as early American history, the Civil War and Reconstruction, and the American Civil Rights Movement.

Content is also divided by grade level and area of interest. When students access the courses available to them through, they will better understand the content provided and can even earn transferable credits for some of the lessons included.

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United States History Resource Overview includes thousands of resources to help students and educators with content related to U.S. History. The variety of available content is inclusive for every grade level and skill set. Teachers and students can use the lessons to support learning in and outside the classroom. Lesson plans, tutoring assistance, videos, quizzes, as well a variety of other resources related to U.S. History can be found throughout this page.

U.S. history is taught in every school in the United States, as well as in schools throughout the world. U.S. history is also called American history. People often use the terms interchangeably, although some scholars believe there are differences between the two topics. After all, the land called "America" has existed long before the United States, and that is also an important part of history. Subfields in American history courses include topics such as the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the Industrial Revolution, among many others.

The courses offers answer questions such as "when was America founded?" and "which important leaders shaped America?" By studying the concepts and ideas taught in these courses, students are able to earn course credits and understand the fundamental beliefs that make the United States what it is today. Teachers can use the resources below to help support their own curriculum or plan daily lessons or entire units, depending on the topic. With such a vast amount of resources included, there is something for everyone looking to learn more about U.S. history.

Lessons and Skills for U.S. History

These resources are designed to help students master content related to all aspects of American history. The content is organized chronologically so students can easily decide which topic they would like to practice. Each section includes the most notable events from that period. Topics include the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and World War II, along with many other happenings that shaped America.

In addition, these resources also help learners dive deeper into the reasons behind these significant historical events, such as the causes and effects of the Civil War. Students can practice essential academic skills related to learning about U.S. history. For example, students are invited to compare and contrast important events and historical figures, and thereby think critically about how these events shaped America. This section can also support note-taking skills, developing questions, and essay writing skills.

Students can practice questions related to American history in a test-like format. This can help students prepare for quizzes and tests in school and support standardized test prep; hence, students can gain confidence as they prepare for upcoming assessments. Teachers can also use this section to assess student knowledge of topics related to American history.