Business Courses's extensive collection of engaging business courses helps students and professionals learn about every aspect of business, from accounting and finance to leadership and communication. courses also cover many types of companies, including small businesses. offers business courses geared toward graduate and post-graduate students, independent adult learners, employees, professionals, and teachers. These resources provide a deep and broad education in all facets of business taken as a whole.

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What is Business?

A business is an organization owned by a person, group, or corporation so that it may pursue a commercial or professional activity. Businesses can provide either goods or services. The design of for-profit enterprises is primarily to make money, while non-profit organizations pursue charitable or social goals. Business studies include buying and selling, managing employees, organizational operations, finances, economics, and more.

Studying business involves studying many aspects of the smooth functioning of a business. Accounting is the study of financial information and how to record, analyze, and understand the financial information of businesses and individuals. Economics studies more significant economic trends and philosophies and how the ebb and flow of resources impacts everyone, from entire nations to individuals. Finance studies how the handling of money transpires on an individual or organizational level. Human Resources is the study of how to hire and manage people in organizations. Operations Management and Business Administration study the business practices that create the most efficiency and profit. Information Technology examines how computers and other technology help businesses operate smoothly. Healthcare Administration is where business and medicine come together and is an umbrella term to encompass all aspects of this intersection. Real estate studies the business of buying and selling physical spaces. Sales & Marketing explores how to optimize relationships with customers and how to maximize organizations' reach. Business Law explores the rules and regulations of the world of commerce. International Business studies how businesses all across the globe operate. Business Intelligence is the study of data-driven methods for creating the most effective business practices. Business Communications is the study of the art of effective corporate language. Business Ethics is a form of professional ethics that studies moral implications of ethical problems that may arise in business. All of these topics of study inform each other and are part of fully understanding the world of business. All of these topics of study support each other and are part of fully understanding the world of business.

Business Test Prep offers Test Prep that will help with certifications for business professionals and academics. These study guides offer short lessons, videos, quizzes, and some offer final exams. These study guides prepare the learner for professional business certifications, job opportunities, and academic certifications. Whether looking into how to start a business, write a business plan, or expand current knowledge on types of businesses, has the information.

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