Business Management and Administration Courses

Business administration courses from include:

  • Foundational business administration classes that can transfer as credits to colleges.
  • Courses that can help improve team productivity.
  • Courses for improving one's leadership capabilities.
  • Students and professionals can improve their managerial skills and understanding through bite-sized and interactive courses exploring the many aspects of business management and administration. also supports business students supplementing their in-class learning and professional development for business teachers looking to improve their content mastery.

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    What is Business Administration?

    Business administration is a field of multiple business-related subfields that make up much of the market. Generally, an overview of business administration includes the areas of finance, economics, accounting, marketing, human resources, management, and information technology. The word business means an organization that participates in professional or commercial activities. Administration is similar to management. When used together, business administration can refer to the field overall or be more focused on the managerial activities of organizations.

    The course design of business administration helps improve the knowledge and skills involved with a specific aspect of business administration, such as accounting or leadership. Business administration courses can improve upon the existing capabilities that someone has and prepare them for more managerial roles, as well as improve their skills for existing roles. A strong understanding of business administration topics provides individuals with a solid foundation for countless roles and can enhance their abilities to lead, communicate, solve problems, and much more.

    Each of the fields within business administration relates to one another. A strong business administrator will be familiar with each of them, as decisions made regarding one of the business branches will affect the others. Strong business leaders can benefit tremendously from knowing best practices for cohesive and productive teams, as some of the most successful managers will attest. Whether a manager is running a small business or heading a business department of a large corporation, understanding the interconnectedness of business administration fields and having a broad set of relevant tools can significantly improve the success of their organization and team.

    Business Administration Test Prep

    Prepare to be a Certified Administrative Professional or to earn college credit via test by utilizing's study guides and courses focused on business administration. Review tools used in business administration, such as the Microsoft Office suite. Study various management styles, business organizations, and leadership theories. After completing these courses, test-takers will feel sure they have the knowledge needed to succeed on these exams.

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