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Our library of English Language Arts courses touches upon main topics in language arts. Engaging with these courses allow learners to strengthen areas of the ELA curriculum that they have an interest in and they can also help to provide teachers with great supplementary material for lessons.

Study.com ELA courses can be a great resource for instructors looking to align their curriculum planning with common core standards, especially if teaching in states like California and New York that utilize common core as the backbone of student curriculum.

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What is English Language Arts (ELA)?

ELA is an abbreviation for English Language Arts, which encompasses all areas of the English language. The language arts definition includes reading, writing and composition, grammar, vocabulary, and public speaking, as well as the study of literature from all eras. ELA even includes the study of the history and development of English and its expression as a written language.

Reading and writing have long formed the core focus of ELA education. Proficiency in each is deemed by many as a sign of mastery within the language. In order to deepen reading and writing skills, students often focus on learning vocabulary and have a strong grasp of grammar and sentence structure. Public speaking is an area where mastery of a language is very apparent. It enables a speaker to display their vocabulary skills as well as their level of understanding of the nuances that occur within English as a spoken language.

Literature can be defined as written works but often includes spoken material too. There is a vast array of genres in the literary world from novels to poetry, drama to academic writing.

As with all languages, each of the 'sections' within the English Language Arts overlap. Vocabulary and grammar are of importance when engaging in public speaking, and these elements are also crucial to fully understand the world of literature.

ELA Lessons and Skills

Use our English ELA skill practice to help students master important literacy skills. When engaging with any aspect of English Language Arts, you are not only learning content, but also practical skills that can be used as tools in all aspects of education, as well as in the workforce and day-to-day life. English language skills permeate through all aspects of ELA, from reading, writing, and grammar to speaking, listening, and vocabulary. Students can explore and refine their skills by engaging with a variety of reading material, analyzing a range of literary genres, delving into the rules of grammar, and learning how to plan and write in different styles. Various skills can be associated with each part of the English language.

Browse our full ELA skill collection, or explore skills that align to your current grade level learning. Use Study.com's skills to review ELA content from the prior year, or look ahead to see what you can expect to practice next!

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