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What is Health and Medicine?

Health and medicine have a significant impact on the lives of all people. Medicine is the science or practice of maintaining health and the research, diagnosis, prevention, or alleviation and cure of diseases. Medicine includes several fields of study, including nursing, pharmaceutical science, and medical technology, among others.

Health is an organism's emotional and physical well-being. Health is promoted through education, the study of nutrition, disease prevention practices, stress management counseling and therapy, and adequate exercise. Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the body is vital because this foundation will provide the building blocks to promote health.

Health and Medicine Test Prep

Prospective health professionals can prepare for important exams using's comprehensive study guides focusing on key topics in health and medicine. Whether test-takers are preparing to be pharmacy technicians, nurses, nurse educators, or other health care professionals, these test prep courses and study guides review the material necessary to succeed. Topics such as pharmacology, medical terminology, human body systems, ethics, and medical emergencies are covered in interesting and informative ways to help test-takers retain the information and be ready for their exams.

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