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Learning about topics such as health science, physical health, and community health will provide a foundation with the building blocks to promote health and wellness.

For example, having the capacity to understand medical terminology, safety and hygiene, first aid, CPR, and allergies, among other things is essential when promoting health and wellness. Access our engaging lessons, videos, and activities at any time.

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What is Health and Wellness?

People's well-being depends on their health and wellness. Many individuals are unable to function properly and go by their daily lives when they are not feeling their best. However, people do not always have a personal definition of these terms, as the specifics vary per individual, nor do they have a plan for maintaining their health and wellness.

Health and wellness have a meaningful impact on everyone's lives. Health can be defined as an organism's emotional and physical well-being. Occupational health professionals advocate for health and wellness. Occupational health is an area of work in public health that aims to maintain the highest degree of physical health, mental health, and behavioral health. Health is promoted through good education, adequate nutrition, disease prevention practices, stress management including counseling, enough sleep, and proper exercise, among many other ways. It is also recommended to visit the doctor for preventative care. Doctors can perform routine physical exams and provide vaccines to prevent diseases. Staying healthy requires constant effort; however, most of the mentioned aspects are lifestyle choices that become routine. This means that wellness is something that can be pursued in order to have better overall health.

Another way to define health is that health is the absence of disease or disorders, combined with good physical, mental, and social well-being. On the other hand, wellness is choosing to live a healthy lifestyle, and it involves all the things that can be done to promote and achieve the desired good state of health. Of course, staying healthy depends on not only the person's style of life but also genes and the environment.